Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Misogi Imp, 2012 (stage III, color added)

She's still in progress. My vision for her is that she will be nestled in a waterfall. Also, she doesn't have her fur yet and she obviously needs some. I have a feeling she's very hairy.

Misogi is a Japanese physical and spiritual cleansing ritual that usually happens in the morning, under a waterfall. The freezing cold water cleans and awakens. I imagine her surprising various pilgrims come to bathe, with unpredicable results ;)

Daisy Eneix, New Year Misogi Imp, 2012 (detail, in progress)

I think I'm finding out that I really love painting in ink on wood. Maybe even more than printmaking. Shhhh.

PS - Next post has more images working up to this one

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