Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Drawing the Body Channeling Divine Energy

I'm back in Can Serrat, Spain for a second time, in a month-long artist residency. Drawing and drawing and drawing all day long!! It is such a pleasure and a gift to be able to do this for a significant period of time.

The project I'm working on here explores the body channeling, giving over to, or being in the flow of 'divine energy,' however people may choose to define it, or in whatever context they have felt it. It could be through a particular spiritual, ritualistic or meditative practice, or in an encounter with an elemental force of nature, or by opening themselves up to whatever may be their concept of God, or in some other way altogether. I've asked friends and acquaintances to consider and embody that state of being, which has been the taking-off point for the final works.

Here are some of the drawings in progress:

Daisy Eneix drawing in progress, detail, 23x16". 2013
Daisy Eneix drawing in progress, detail, 23x16", 2013
Daisy Eneix Faith/Flying Backwards (in progress) 23x14", 2013
Daisy Eneix Sky Float, 23x16", graphite and ink on paper
Daisy Eneix Sky Float (detail)23x16", graphite and ink on paper
Daisy Eneix drawing in progress, detail, 23x14", 2013

The next stage for these drawings will be to add contextual and atmospheric elements that build upon the state of the being of the figure, as I have begun to do in Flying Backwards/Faith and Float.

Once again I seem to be exploring this idea of resonance between the visceral and the ephemeral, a theme that seems to have always been at the core of my art and inquiry. But in this incarnation, I get to collaborate with others and to work in new media, which both feel like exciting new directions for me.