Monday, July 11, 2011

Painted Stages of Spiderweb/Trap

First I made some sketches from reference.
Using the drawing as inspiration, I layered ink and white gesso on a long, narrow panel.  This is a detail of it.
This is a detail of the final work - with added ink, pencil, colored glazes, and acrylic 'ooze'
This is a detail of the top of the work. I wanted the web to look strong, thick and a little bit worn. Parts of it are incised into the wood. I had a close look at a number of webs and was surprised to find double-strands. While trying to collect reference, I learned that spider webs can be right there in front of you but not appear in photographs at all.  You have to be in the light just right for your camera to see them.  I thought that was pretty eerie.

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