Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kink's anatomy & lizard love at the studio of Sandra Yagi

There is nothing quite like visiting the studio of an artist you admire; I felt very privileged to get to do that today with Sandra Yagi :)  I love her imagination & her technique.  Her production levels, especially for the style she paints in, truly astound me.  Someone to look up to as I go forward down this always sketchy (see what I did there?) road of being an artist.  AND I'm saving up for a piece :D

Oh, and it's always important that an artist have a serious, professional portrait so I made sure to bring my state-of-the-art camera (er...old Iphone ) to do the job.  I think she's speaking lizard to her lizard model, which was perhaps used for the extraordinary painting she made on the easel. 

Check out her web site & blog:

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